New Years Day

New Years Day - January 1st

New Year’s Day is every year on the 1st of January and marks the first day of the Georgian calendar year. Focus on this holiday usually begins shortly after the Christmas holiday and is noted for year-end reviews in the media recapping the major events for that year. It is also a celebration of beginnings, with New Year’s resolutions being a key feature of the holiday as people make goals for the coming year.

Since the early 1900’s many people have also recognized New Year’s Eve in connection with this holiday. During New Year’s Eve people countdown to New Year’s Day often with fireworks displays and a new year’s kiss which is said to bring luck in the coming year. Noted New Year’s Eve events include the ball drop in Times Square of New York City which begins descending at 11:59 pm.

January 1st was established as New Year’s Day in Rome in the year 153 BC. Every country that uses the Georgian calendar, with exception of Israel, recognizes New Year’s Day as a public holiday.


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