Find the Best Military Schools

Discipline, honor, loyalty, and work ethic are just a few of the traits parents hope their children will learn when they send them to military school.

First learning to follow, and then how to lead is at the core of the curriculum at military schools. Students learn to execute orders, sacrifice for their comrades, and put their personal needs aside for the good of their troop. Bottom line, military schools build character by building integrity and honor in its students.

Types of Military Schools

In the U.S., military schools declined in popularity during the late 1960s and 1970s causing many schools to close their doors. As a result the selection of military schools is limited today, with only 45 military schools still in operation. So, it may not be easy to find a military school in your area. However, interest in military school enrollment has been on the rise in the last few decades which may lead to more military schools being established.

Many people have misconceptions as to what a military school is. Military schools can be:


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