Labor Day

Labor Day - September 1st 2008 / September 7th 2009

Labor Day is every year on the first Monday of September, but is usually celebrated throughout what is called Labor Day weekend. This holiday was established officially recognize the labor workers of America. The idea was first introduced in 1882 by the Central Labor Union in New York City where the first Labor Day occurred on September 5th. However, it didn’t become a federal holiday until the year of 1894. Unlike some other federal holidays this holiday has been immediately accepted as a state holiday by all 50 states.

There was actually a written proposal stating that the first Labor Day would include a parade then festivities for workers and their families. This became a standard for the holiday though it has lost some of its notoriety over the years and has become more of a low key holiday. However, other countries have also now adopted a Labour Day holiday and sometimes celebrate more enthusiastically than Americans.

Unofficially Labor Day is also celebrated as the end of summer which is no surprise that bar-be-ques, picnics and other outdoor festivities tend to be associated with Labor Day. Also, many U.S. schools start the fall semester soon after Labor Day, again making the holiday a marker for the end of the summer season.


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