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US Federal Holidays

Federal holidays are the predetermined days recognized by the government in which federal employees receive a paid day off from work, so long as they are in a non-essential federal office. Most all federal holidays are also observed by state and local governments and the more common federal holidays are almost always recognized by the private sector as well. The federal holidays for each year is established in the federal law (5 U.S.C. 6103) by Congress.

Though the term National Holiday is often used in place of federal holiday the term is incorrect. There are actually no national holidays in the U.S. That is because Congress only establishes holidays for federal workers, leaving individual states and cities to name their own holidays. The President can proclaim public holidays in special circumstances such as a ‘National Day of Mourning’, however businesses are not required to recognize this day as a holiday.

There are a number of holidays that go by multiple designations when their more commonly known name differs from the official name, such as 4th of July. Controversy has also risen over two holidays in particular having much to do with the name they’ve been given. Martin Luther King Day and Columbus Day have both experienced opposition in the past and present for what the holiday name implies.

If the holiday should fall on a weekend day the federal government does make exceptions since most federal employees work a Monday through Friday work week. Most commonly if the holiday falls on a Saturday the holiday will be recognized on the preceding Friday, and if the holiday is on a Sunday then the following Monday the holiday will be recognized, unless the federal worker regularly works on Saturdays. This method has also been adopted by many state and local governments as well as the private sector when dealing with weekend holidays.

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Federal Holidays