Top Military Schools in San Buenaventura, CA

Discipline, honor, loyalty and work ethic are a few of the traits parents hope their kids will learn when they send them to military school in San Buenaventura, CA.

Initially learning how to follow, and then how to lead is at the core of the curriculum in San Buenaventura military schools. Students learn to execute orders, sacrifice for their comrades, and put their individual needs aside for the good of their troop.  Bottom line, military schools develop character by building honesty and honor in their students.

Types of Military Schools in San Buenaventura

Inside the U.S., military schools decreased in popularity during the late 1960s and 1970s causing many schools to close their doors. For that reason the selection of military schools in the U.S. is limited today, with around 45 military schools still operational across the nation. So, it might not be easy to locate a military school in San Buenaventura. Nevertheless, interest in military school enrollment has actually been increasing in the last few decades which might lead to more California military schools becoming established.

Many people have misconceptions in regards to what a military school is. A military school in San Buenaventura can be:

San Buenaventura military schools are often compared to reform schools. Reform schools for troubled teens that have committed crimes are generally modeled after military boarding schools and operate in a comparable fashion. The hope would be that the rigidly arranged environment that is a norm in San Buenaventura military schools will reform the children minimizing their chances of participating in criminal activity as an adult.

San Buenaventura Military School Admission Requirements

Every individual military school in San Buenaventura sets admission requirements, and decides whom to admit. Generally they're looking for young people that aspire to change, to either go from bad to good or from good to great. Needless to say, those who desire to improve themselves and succeed in life are usually welcome.

Many military schools in San Buenaventura require students to live on the school campus. The vast majority of them operate only in the high school grade levels. However, there are military schools that start at elementary, middle school and junior high levels. The minimum age requirement for a military elementary school is 7 years of age. For military boarding schools the minimum is 12 years of age and the maximum age is 17 years old.

Some military schools in San Buenaventura, California also require that the student serve in the military after their education is finished.

San Buenaventura Military School Curriculum

It may not be easy to get into a military school in San Buenaventura, but those who graduate from military schools often go on to be successes in whatever field they prefer to pursue. That is because military schools in San Buenaventura, CA offer tough college prep courses as part of their curriculum.

History is at the core of military school training. The history of our country and how it got to where it is in the 21st century is an essential part of what military schools teach as well. Military schools make it their mission to provide inspiration to future servicemen and officers of our nation, in addition to kids that may need more direction and structure in their lives.

These schools are unique because they teach in a highly structured military-style that isn't used in traditional institutes.  This includes curriculum that provides lessons in military subjects and traditions.

Military Schools in San Buenaventura with JROTC Programs

Military schools in San Buenaventura in most cases have a Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) program which is sponsored by the U.S. Army. For young people considering joining the armed forces this can be an invaluable experience.

Almost half of all students who participate in this program go on to serve in the military after school. Those who perform well have a good chance to gain admission to service academies like West Point. Just keep in mind service academies are selective, and only the best are accepted.


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